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Peak Grow

Premium puppy growth formula and canine milk replacer.
Give puppies a healthy head start and sound foundation for growth.

Grows Puppies Like A Mother!

To Make Today's Best Growth Formula, We Copied a Million Year Old Success

Genetics aside, birth and puppyhood are the weakest link to superior adults. Major advances in human infant nutrition increase not just survival, but health. APRL's goal was to develop the ultimate growth supplement for breeding bitches and puppies.

Mother's Milk is Nature's Ultimate Growth Formula

Recent studies yield the million-year-old chemical secrets of mother's milk. This provides us with the clues to actually reproduce it using human infant food technologies. As it turns out, canine milk is highly unique. To begin with, it's higher in protein, which actually increases as nursing continues. Also, it's higher in zinc and other essential nutrients.

We Copied Mother's Milk and Named It Grow!

And copied it closer than ever possible before. For example, the proteins in Peak Grow reproduce the natural balance in mother's milk, with each sub-protein providing it's own powerful advantages. We also added pharmaceutical-quality amino acids, probiotics, immune factors, vitamins, minerals, growth factors, colostrum and more. These are found only in two formulas: mother's milk and Peak Grow.

Pups Thrive On Grow

By receiving "round-the-clock" growth nutrients, puppies get a huge head start in life. They literally glow with health and have boundless energy. Peak Grow bolsters antibodies and immunity and supplies natural building blocks for cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Peak Grow is the first predigested formula designed to duplicate the powerful immunity and connective tissue growth factors in canine milk.

For Mothers, Too!

Peak Grow's concentrated nutrients are utilized by the mothers body to grow internal puppies, then to produce milk. In other words, her precious muscle, bone mass, organs and even coat are "spared" the usual breakdown. In fact, mothers actually increase shine, muscle and overall health and energy on Grow. This in addition to richer milk with more antibodies! We guarantee Grow is the best breeding, weaning and milk replacement formula you've ever used.

Better Puppies, Not Bigger

Milk Replacer

Immune Booster

Growth Factors

Cartilage Builders

"This Peak Grow is awesome! The puppies are the most healthy looking that I have had. My bitch has recovered so quickly that we are working her already. It's hard to believe the difference in her and the puppies. Other supplements can't compare! I won't be without it again."

Vom Mogur German Shepherds