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Peak Performance 2

100% natural "Peak Performance 2" packs on solid muscle just like the
best human bodybuilding products! Canine athletes and working dogs,
convert calories to lean muscle, increase performance.

"The Only Choice When Performance Counts"

All-In-One Canine Bodybuilder.

Raise your dog's performance & health to new levels!

Human performance has been transformed to almost unimaginable levels, but it is not the result of greatly improved genetics. Instead, as in dogs, performance leaps of this magnitude result from scientific nutrition and conditioning. Getting more out of athletes, without performance enhancing drugs.

The predigested calories used in Peak Performance 2™ are gentle enough for premature infants, yet also power today's Olympic athletes. Predigested calories are even more effective on dogs. They recreate predigested foods dogs get from stomach contents and meat in wild game. Predigested calories are research-proven to be the most efficient food energy available. Already digested, utilization is near 100% - hyper digestible.

Awesome Creatine

Creatine supplementation has been shown to significantly increase strength and speed performance, and may even help develop aerobic enzymes. Creatine helps reduce lactic acid build up, delay fatigue and maintain peak power output longer.

9 Ways Peak Performance 2 enables your dog to reach new levels of muscular performance and health:

Non-toxic vitamin levels - APRL uses strategic vitamin levels, so taking too much is almost impossible.

Real meat protein - And they're 100% human-grade quality meats for more protein benefits and taste.

Building block amino acids - APRL uses costly amino acids - essential aminos; branched chain aminos; gluconeogenic aminos; anti-stress aminos for improved endurance, recovery and metabolic optimization. Now even Ribose for more muscle energy.

Proven anti-stress factors - Exciting new research gives us potent all-natural nutrients that help reverse muscle break-down, buffer toxic stress effects, boosts immunity and even fight infection! Peak Performance 2 has Creatine, Glutamine and other natural power houses!

Bio-balanced fats - New "designer lipids" to make fat more than just energy. No excessive omega 6's, a promoter of joint and skin inflammation, tumor growth, etc. APRL fats are human grade.

Lactic acid buffers using patented breakthroughs - Lactic acid is a primary fatigue factor in many canine activities. APRL uses a lactic acid buffering matrix so advanced it's been granted a patent. The most effective and safe lactic acid neutralizer you can use, meaning more endurance, power and recovery.

Lab tested - APRL products are pure and safe enough for humans to eat. Every raw ingredient is lab tested safe. Plus, every batch is tested by a respected food lab.

Detoxify ammonia - Ammonia is a toxic by-product of intense exercise, which can limit performance by causing fatigue. APRL uses nutrients medically proven to reduce ammonia levels.

Replaces lost wild factors - Dog food ingredients, and the processing they undergo, remove nutrients present in wild diets. APRL uses the most complete array of "lost" nutrients including enzymes, probiotics and FOS.

The "All-In-One Canine Bodybuilder" Is Not Just For Athletes!

Muscle Up Any Dog: Convert calories into lean mass, assist muscle growth, pack on healthy solid weight, even on "hard gainers" and finicky eaters. Promote anabolic metabolism leading to positive nitrogen balance. This increases protein synthesis leading to enhanced cellular repair and growth. Show ring, hard keepers, police, athletes, muscular breeds.

Performance Booster: Enhance strength and endurance, muscle mass and definition, fuel fast and slow twitch muscle fibers, reduce lactic acid, optimize fat use, speeds recovery time with less soreness and muscle damage. Canine athletes, schutzhund, police k-9, agility, sled, hunting, weight pulling.

Stress Reliever: Naturally reduce toxic by-products of stress. Reduce stress hormones, boost immunity and favorably influence "feel good" hormones. Travel, severe temperatures, boarding.

Medical Treatment Recovery: Predigested nutrients enhance tissue repair, boost immune system, fight infection, reduce inflammation and promote positive nitrogen balance. This increases protein synthesis leading to enhanced cellular repair and growth. Surgery, trauma, chemotherapy.

Top 10 - Q&A
What is Peak Performance 2?
Peak Performance 2 is the first "super food" for dogs. It's a hyperdigestible powder of specialized nutrients formerly reserved for pro athletes. Seemingly of the 21st century, Peak Performance 2 is actually based on decades of canine research.

What will Peak Performance 2 do for my dog?
Peak Performance 2 increases performance and health to new levels. By reproducing wild diets and supplying "nutriceuticals", Peak Performance 2 breaks through old dietary limitations cost effectively.

What results will I see?

Peak Performance 2 produces in just a few weeks:

Muscular development. Muscle mass & definition, even on "hard gainers".
Enhanced energy and performance. More power & endurance.

Increased recovery rate between work sessions.

Improved skin and coat. Glowing, flea-resistant coats.

Healthier joints. Smoother, fluid pain-free movement.

Improved digestion and absorption. Smaller, less smelly stools.

What's in Peak Performance?
Peak Performance 2 contains over 200 nutrients. It's made from whole foods, supplements, "lost nutrients", herbs and nutriceuticals. All ingredients are human-grade, meaning they're tested pure and safe in nationally certified laboratories.

Does it contain drugs?
No. Peak Performance 2 is a safe & natural food. It contains nutriceuticals-nutrients with benefits rivaling drugs, but without negative side effects. Natural glucosamine, for example, may ease joint pain as much as cortisone. Another nutriceutical, creatine, optimizes muscle chemistry almost as well as dangerous steroids. Peak Performance 2 contains more proven nutriceuticals than any other product.

How can it work so much better?

Peak Performance 2 works better in 3 ways:

First, it replaces over 50 supplements. The best proteins, antioxidants, anti-stress nutrients, and more.
Second, it's human grade. 5 times greater purity than other supplements and tested safe.

Third, ratios defined by research. The ideal balance enables less to be taken for greater effect-bigger bang for the buck.

How long has Peak Performance 2 been around?
Peak Performance 2 prototypes were assembled by Animal Performance Research Labs in 1980. That year, we began to take performance nutrition out of the lab and bring it to human and canine athletes. Since then, millions of human athletes, and many dogs have greatly benefited from the ingredients in Peak Performance 2.

Is it for athletes only?
Peak Performance 2 benefits any stressed dog. Traveling, show, illness, environment; Peak Performance 2 fights any stress.

It's good for them, sure. But do dogs really like it?
Dogs love Peak Performance 2. With real roasted chicken, beef and other human grade ingredients, Peak Performance 2 tastes so good dogs don't know how potent and good it is for them.

How do I feed it?
Peak Performance 2 is powerful, yet easy to feed. Just add to any dog food, wet or dry. Feed after workouts, and at meals. The most critical period to gain maximum effect is within 30 minutes of a workout and the following morning when muscle rebuilding is occurring.